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We hope that you can join us in changing the lives of those who are in need of shelter and a path toward independence. Your contribution is a commitment to long-term housing for those suffering from chronic homelessness. Business leaders and individuals can take immediate action by pledging to bring financial and strategic resources to the table. We all want meaningful and measurable results to show that as a community, PHLCares.

The first $500,000 donated will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Frequently Asked Questions

A high-impact business-led response to Philadelphia’s chronic street homelessness problem mobilizing resources and leadership for real solutions – housing, jobs and services - to end homelessness.

Philadelphia is growing and thriving in many ways, but let’s face it, chronic street homelessness is a major challenge. Business leaders want effective solutions, but also have historically demonstrated a compassionate commitment to making Philadelphia a great place to live, work and play. Recognizing that City government can’t solve this problem alone, business leaders are taking action, and pledging to bring financial and strategic resources to the table. We all want meaningful and measurable results to show that, as a community, Philly Cares.

Some of Philly’s highest profile business and hospitality sector leaders: John McNichol, President and CEO of the PA Convention Center, Dave Simonetti, Senior Director of Store Operations for Wawa and Joe Coradino, Chairman and CEO of PREIT. This idea came out of their volunteer work in support of Mayor Kenney’s Shared Public Spaces Task Force.

PHLCares’ first investments will go directly to supportive housing, and tenant based rental assistance coupled with wrap-around services. It is an evidence-based practice that has a 90% success rate in preventing a return to homelessness. Philly has many outstanding homeless service providers doing great work. We will help them get more done.

Your donation helps Philadelphia build on success. Already, the city has reduced the number of people living on the streets to a five-year low despite the pandemic and opioid crisis. Philadelphia has the lowest number of people who are unsheltered amongst all the major U.S. cities.

The key to our success is built on a 24-hour homeless outreach that fosters relationships and offers people on the streets wraparound services combined with low-barrier supportive housing options. We offer a platform to rebuild their lives and it works! But we still need your help to offer more supportive housing and to keep reducing the numbers of the people on the street humanely and effectively.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has issued a “challenge grant” of $500,000 to match dollar-for-dollar donations from other businesses (residential, commercial, hospitality and retail entities) up to that same amount. The campaign is underway, with several key partners financially committing to the initiative.

Homelessness is expensive, most certainly for those in this unfortunate and unexpected circumstance. Local businesses also feel the strain. The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates conservatively that homelessness costs taxpayers about $35,500 a year, per person, for hospitalization, police, EMS, lost business, and other costs. It is a human imperative that brings us together for this important cause. It is also a priority from a business standpoint, as we sustain and strengthen our business community and the jobs it provides.

The City is donating staff time and expertise in support of PHLCares to help defray carrying costs and support leadership. Your contribution goes directly to the donor-advised fund at the Philadelphia Foundation called PHLCares. Decisions about its use are made by the founding board.

Please continue to do so! The goal of PHLCares is to support, not supplant the great work being done. PHLCares will streamline additional resources to many of these same provider organizations without the red tape.

PHLCares accepts donations in check, online, wire transfer, or appreciated stock (while paying no capital gains). Checks should be payable to The Philadelphia Foundation with PHLCares noted on the memo. Mail to The Philadelphia Foundation, PO Box 826728, Philadelphia, PA 19182.

Secure online donations can be made at by clicking on GIVE NOW and entering PHLCares in the form where requested. You’ll automatically receive an online gift receipt. For other gifts, like stock or wire transfers, please email The Philadelphia Foundation’s Lois Gabin-Legato at

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We hope that you can join us in changing the lives of those who are in need of shelter and a path toward their independence. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact:

Elizabeth G. Hersh

Office of Homeless Services City of Philadelphia

John J. McNichol

President & CEO
Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority